Some background information

We have some property on a small bay with a couple of islands on Bob's Lake which is half way between Perth and Kingston near Westport.

The property was quite isolated and only recently did we get a road, power and most importantly a connection to the Internet!

A lot of people have asked how much it cost to build the log cabin. I estimate we have spent less than $50,000.

If you are interested in building your own you should be able to get the logs all cut and dovetailed any where from $10k to $20K. Make sure they are winter cut and spayed with insecticide as soon as possible. Also try to get the widest cut possible. You should specify the average dimension of the log and the average dimension of the chinking gap. I think we specified 15" average width and 2" average gap.

Notching and squaring the logs is not that hard. If you have the time you can do it yourself. A couple of community colleges also give courses.

The log cabin is two parts - the main living area is 26x20 and the kitchen is 17 x20 ft. The logs are eastern white pine.

If you are willing to do most of the framing and construction yourself you can build the place for approximately $30K. I went to shingle wholesalers and bought brand new end of line shingles at a fraction of the price of new shingles (less than $500). I also bought used windows and doors from window company for a total of $400.00!! Then over a couple of years I slowly replaced the used windows with new ones. The interior trim, plumbing, etc can easily be the most significant cost and this has probably brought the total cost to $50K.

If you want more information I would be happy to exchange e-mails with you on some of the construction details. Please send e-mail to

My latest project was building a towable backhoe. This is one of the most useful things I have ever owned. It is perfect for digging ditches, repairing roads, building gardens, etc

Horses hauling logs across the lake

Using the backhoe I built to dig out big rock

Friday, December 17, 2010

Build your own bulldozer out of your old lawn tractor

  • Turn your wimpy garden tractor into a Brute Mini Dozer that can do some real work!
  • Push dirt, rocks, snow, brush, etc.
  • Skid logs, pull a loaded trailer, pull small stumps.
  • Grade, level and smooth rough terrain.
  • Plans cover the complete build from start to finish, with all the drawings in one book and all the text in the other for easy referencing!
  • Our detailed plans guide you through the construction process step by step. Everything is covered, from welding, tools and materials.
    Parts lists include every nut, bolt and part required to build the complete machine. 41 photos for reference, are included.
  • Build it yourself using our detailed plans and save!
  • The plans show you how to build the tracks and steering system.
  • $800 to $1200 approximate build cost plus your garden tractor. NOTE: Garden tractors have 23" or larger rear tires and at least
    1" diameter axles, lawn tractors don't. You build the undercarriage/track frame assembly, then mount your garden tractor to the undercarriage.
  • No hydraulics required, power up and power down blade is lower cost electric!
  • Free technical support for our customers.
Order plans online or call 978-297-3478. Click shopping cart to order Mini Dozer plans,
  just $49.95 + 4.95 postage US and Canada. l


Paulo McManus said...

Wow is this possible? I cannot risk my tractor for a heavier work. By the just drop by to see posts about log-cabins, keep them coming up.

allaboutsheds2012 said...

Love log cabins. I would turn that hole into a natural swimming pool. Maybe put a wooden garden shed" up to add a little more umph.

Drew Slinger said...

I have to say I really like your log homes. I've kind of always dreamed of having one someday for me and my family.

Sheena Martin said...

I'd like to take the power of thanking you for that specialized guidance I've constantly enjoyed viewing your

The Tin Tackle Box said...

I love this idea...

Jade Graham said...

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